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Friday, 23 July 2010

Hey guys!

Ummmm I might give up on blogging the only people that read it are family and 2 friends :( somehow I wish more people knew ! TECHNODOLL HELP! lol has anyone got any ideas how I could tell the world and other people abot my blog! Technodoll cant you add my blog name on your blog, and say this is my stepdaughters blog in case you are interested :) lol U dont have to but i would appreciate it alot :) I hope this photo amuses you night peeps!


  1. OK you have to give your blog address to all your friends and family and ask them to become followers, and to leave comments.

    Then you visit other people's blogs, become followers and leave comments - this encourages people to visit you back to get more traffic.

    Then publicize your blog on your facebook.

    That's how I do it!


  2. ok tech wateva u say!!!!!!!!! x

  3. it's alot of work at first but it's very rewarding and addictive! Goo'luck!

    and i will add your page to my blogroll :)

  4. high farley! i am one of nikki's friends in the blogosphere! happy birthday to you! i'd be honored to follow you! i know you will have a grand slam time with your parents and lots of yummy foods, oh to be young again and travel like that! please give big daddy a huge hug for me and tell him someone in nebraska loves him, ok? and then give nikki a big squish for me, too cuz i lubs her!!! please check wiff your parents before reading me blog, sometimes i cuss a lil too much but you sure are welcomed. again, have a great birthday!!! there was all kinds of sunshine in that household anticipating your visit!


  5. Your blog is adorable. Hope you don't mind me following you, I adore your step-mom! Hope you are loving your time with her & your dad.

  6. yes thats fine thanks for following i needed more peeps :)

  7. Hello Farley, I am a regular reader of Technodoll's blog.

    Don't give up, people come and people go, do it for yourself firstly, have fun and gradually you will build up followers!

  8. That is quite a funny picture.
    The best way to get more folks to read your blog, is by reading theirs. That is the way it works for me.
    And yeah, write for YOU, not anyone else. :)
    Glad you made it home safe!!!

  9. farley we need another blog post - what have you been up to? :)

  10. hope you made it home without puking on the plane. i hate that...


  11. hi farley...just added you to my bloggy roll, you are cute! im C's sister...jo. just came back from visiting her. come visit me blog. i live in North Carolina with my husband and mother in law. we take care of her. my father in law too, but he is in a nursing home now. anyway....i love traveling....love to cook, like with my sister when i was there. and with my hunny....we do that alot. he is retired from the u.s. air force, and so we don't have to do anything else but take care of his mom and dad. for now anyway....lol. i have a lil weiner doggie, her name is morgan, she is 10. my children are married now. they are 27 and 25. a son and daughter. my son has 2 kids, a girl that is 4, and a son that is almost 2. my daughter has a 2 year old. wow....i am just rambling on and on....so now tell me a bit about you!! k? and keep up the good work, you just keep posting and you will have lots of followers. k? your doing great! Jo

  12. I was looking up random funny pictures and saw that hilarious picture of the girl with the dog lol. hey i read u were having troubles finding users. get creative, u can do it. the funny picture got me here :)

    Cheers from here in NYC!!!